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I took a community college ecology class that was life changing.  It was the kind of class that opened my eyes up to some pretty harsh realities that we, as a collective human race, have to look at.  It changed my perception of convenience and the true price paid for taking the easy way out.  So through these lotions, that are quite honestly my passion and guilty pleasure, I have weaved in my values of being a conscientious consumer, a practicing member of not just my local community, but the world wide community as well. 

Lucky Kat Lotion is young, and we still have a lot to learn, but with a business like ours, that uses these remarkable, nature made resources, we also carry great responsibility in nurturing, not exploiting, the sources that they came from.  Our beeswax is locally sourced here in San Diego from an organic bee farm, thereby minimizing the monetary cost of shipping as well as the carbon cost of shipping.  The task of looking for more locally made ingredients is something that will never cease, and something that I truly enjoy doing (kinda dorky, but I love it!).  

I am really looking forward to joining up with some of the local farmer's markets here in San Diego, as well as street fairs, so I can continue this message of local sustainability.