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Ingredient Spotlight: ROSEHIP!

Can I just bathe in the radness of ROSEHIP?!

Rosehip, also known as rose haw is the fruit of the rose plant. Usually a red/ orange color. Ripe during late summer through fall.

Packed with Vitamin A & C which stimulates collagen production, helps to rejuvenate skin, repair damaged skin, and smooth fine line and wrinkles.

It’s an antioxidant powerhouse, so it helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, and speed up the healing of any burns or bruising.

Rosehip oil is a great go-to spot treatment for acne, here’s why:

  1. It’s high in linoleic acid and low in oleic acid

  2. Acne prone skin is high in oleic acid and low in linoleic acid

  3. When linoleic acid is applied to a microcomedones (a sebum clogged hair follicle, or a back head or pimple), it gets smaller!

  4. Rosehip also contains tretinoin, which is a retinoid (Vitamin A) that helps skin regenerate into new healthy skin.

Used in a hydrosol, rosehip balances the pH on your skin.

  1. Our skin is slightly acidic at 5.5

  2. Rosehip oil is perfectly pH balanced

  3. Rosehip will not change the pH of the skin, nor will it clog pores because it is molecularly similar to sebum, meaning it’s great if you have oily skin!

  4. Excellent source of essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, fatty acids omega-9, and beta-carotene. While these nutrients are super important in keeping our skin healthy, our bodies do not produce them. So what we put on our skin, totally matters!

You can find this magnificent little morsel in two of my products!

In my Prickly Pear Skin Repair: a most excellent concoction for dry skin (These goddamn Santa Ana winds are going to turn me into a prune!), scratches, scrapes, cuts, skinned knees, burns, or any other skin malady caused by activities such as walking, riding a bike, jogging, lighting a camp fire, sunburn, etc.

You can also find rosehip hydrosol in my Rosehip-Rose-Witch Hazel Floral Toner Water. New to the store, you are going to love the way it brightens your skin, immediately. I am so stoked on this stuff, it is the ultimate in self care! I love making it, but I love using it even more!

Plants fucking rule!

Kathleen Macken