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Chamomile-Cucumber-Mint Hydrosol Cooling Spray 2 oz

Chamomile-Cucumber-Mint Hydrosol Cooling Spray 2 oz



  • Alkaline Water

  • Steam Distilled Organic Chamomile Flowers

  • Steam Distilled Organic Mint

  • Steam Distilled Organic Cucumber

  • Organic Blue Chamomile Essential Oil

Did you know that chamomile is an antihistimine, is an anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, aside from the most known calming effects? Mint is an analgesic with a natural cooling quality which makes it great for calming your skin after an intense workout, or a little too much time in the sun, because it is also an anti inflammatory. Not to mention antibacterial and an astringent to keep your skin looking fresh, young, and tight! And to wrap up this trifecta of beauty, is cucumber which is the perfect compliment to tone, tighten, and firm up your beautiful skin. It helps to reduce oily skin and shrinks large pores making you look like the most perfect version of yourself!

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Aromatic and freshly scented water. Calming chamomile and cooling mint and cucumber will give your skin and senses the gentle calming it desires after a day in the sun, running errands, strenuous exercise, or overall daily stressors.  Use it as a facial spray for a mood boost, spray on your pillow or sheets as aromatherapy before bed to help your olfactory sensory neurons trigger restful sleep. It's a sweet and gentle reminder to chill the eff out, with just a few misty sprits'.